Texas Hold’em Live: Useful Tips

One of the common mistakes that many players make during a live game of Texas Hold’em Poker is to show excessive aggression at the table, right from the first hands.

Being determined towards your opponents is one of the fundamental aspects of poker strategies , but being too aggressive by playing your hands against a single player can lead to making risky choices and losing a considerable portion of your stack .

So don’t re-raise too many times, because if you are at a table with many players there is a real possibility that there is a hand with a higher score .

Check the tells at the Texas Hold’em Poker tables

Do you remember the famous movie “The Rounder” with Matt Damon, when New York professionals went to hunt chickens in Atlantic City and easily recognized them by their tells and attitudes at the Texas Hold’em tables?

Similarly, if you do not want other players to read your pocket cards easily, you must keep an attitude as staid and neutral as possible.

Above all, it can happen that a careful opponent can come to understand a tell that is repeated several times by a player in a given circumstance and this can become a decisive weapon during a game of Texas Hold’em Poker.

Betting using the pot as parameter

A good game strategy necessarily involves adapting your bets to the pot , as too small a play is of no use, while a disproportionate raise could reveal your playing tactics for Texas Hold’em.

In fact, if you have a decent hand in the early stages of the game, betting too little exposes you to the risk of letting other hesitant players into the action and if the flop were to reward them you would find yourself losing your advantage .

Don’t underestimate the importance of position in Texas Hold’em Poker

In very crowded tables it is not only the point you have in hand that counts, but above all in what game position you are, because depending on it you have to change your game strategy at the Texas Hold’em Poker table.

Playing out of position in Texas Hold’em poker exposes you to the risk of entering a pot crowded with players potentially having better hands than yours, and that can cause serious trouble.

Evaluate the value of the pocket cards based on the number of opponents in Poker

The value of the pocket cards changes substantially depending on whether you are in a Texas Hold’em table with 3 opponents or in one with 8.

In fact, since there are many more hands to counter yours, it is not impossible that there is a higher initial one, so you must necessarily limit the range of hands to be played.

Eg. Having an Ace and a Five in hand with starting cards at a table with 3 players can be a decent hand, certainly to play, but in a table with 8 players it becomes a hand to be evaluated with caution.

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