Single Deck Blackjack: The 52-Card Variant

This version of the game of Blackjack involves the presence of a single deck of 52 cards which is shuffled before each hand is played .

Cards from 2 to 10 have their face value, while face cards are worth 10 points and the Ace can be worth both 1 and 11 points, generating the difference between soft / hard hands (as we have already illustrated in the article on the rules of Blackjack ).

The dealer has the obligation to request a card when his hand is a soft 17, while he must necessarily stop his action when he has a hard 17.

Double Down in Single Deck Blackjack (Double Down)

The doubling of the bet is allowed only if the player has a hand with an overall score of 10 or 11.

The bet with which you proceed to double up must necessarily be equal to the initial bet.

After requesting the ” double down ” the player will be dealt a further and final card.

The Split in Single Deck Blackjack

The player can split ( split his hand), if the cards that were initially dealt to him have the same value.

Splitting the starting hand allows the player to double their stake and play both hands simultaneously.

If the player makes the “split” of two aces, he can request only one card for the two divided hands, while instead he has split two cards other than the aces he has no limits in requesting other cards.


In the variant of Blackjack Single Deck it is possible to buy the so-called Insurance when the dealer’s visible card is an ace.

The cost of the insurance is half of the player’s initial stake.

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