Massage & Body Care

Ancient Willow Custom Massage

An enchanting customized massage utilizing various massage techniques, preferred pressure, herbal and aromatic properties with warm river stones. This massage helps to alleviate pain and tension while uplifting body and soul.

Weekend Warrior (Deep Tissue)

A sports oriented massage utilizing pain relieving and healing herbs coupled with specialized deep pressure and muscle lengthening techniques to help restore balance to the warrior in you.

Spirit Stone (Hot Stone)

Soothing  herbal and aromatic oils with heated river and cooled crystal stones are custom picked and used to create harmony within the body while melting tension and stress away. Pure bliss!

Oh Mums (Pre-natal)

A prenatal massage for our beautiful mothers to be. This magical time requires magical, careful and specialized care to address the areas of concern specific to expectant moms. Special oils and proper positioning help to make this prenatal massage a comfortable and blissful experience for our well deserving and special welcoming Mums to be.

Foot Paths (Reflexology)

An enriching reflexology treatment combined with the elements of aromatic oils, a soothing herbal scrub and stones to improve circulation, and relieve stress and ailments by using reflex points on the feet to mirror the body’s health.

Crowning Glory Facial Massage

A royal treatment specific for the face and head. Natural ingredients are custom combined to create a soothing and therapeutic treatment that helps to alleviate congestion, headaches, facial puffiness and fatigue, as well as stress issues such as TMJ. This massage treatment also helps to tone the skin and underlying tissues, while slowing the aging process and giving your skin a natural healthy glow.

Herbal Enwrapture (Body Wrap)

A body wrap specifically designed for beautiful wild you. This treatment combines herbal elements and rich oils to custom make a wrap specific to your needs. Cocooned in the warmth of herbal linen let your body and mind drift away to a place of tranquility as toxins release from the body and nutrients are restored while receiving a mind easing head and neck massage.(60 minutes)

Spice Wrapture (Body Wrap)

Indulge your senses in the comfort of spicy scents and warmth. This hydrating body wrap experience gently exfoliates dull dry skin with a gentle dry brushing followed by a massage utilizing warming Ginger Spice Butter to rehydrate dry skin. Your body is gently wrapped in a warm cocoon allowing the butters to further penetrate and warm you while you receive a soothing neck and head massage. (60 minutes)

 Sweet Herbal Body Scrub

Enjoy the sweetness of smooth hydrated skin with all new natural herbal body scrubs! Dull dry skin is whisked away using sweet botanicals, natural exfoliators and rich oils. Each heavenly body scrub treatment is customized to your skins needs. Body scrub treatments can be scheduled as a stand alone service or may be added to any massage or body care treatment.  Specially priced for smiling faces at only $28 for a stand alone treatment or $20 as an add on to any massage.

 Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap

Sheer bliss is found in this indulgent marine wrap designed to detoxify and remineralize the body. This treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation followed by the application of curative marine botanicals and essential oils. The body is then cocooned in gentle warmth while you receive a cooling botanical facial massage. An ultra nourishing massage utilizing agave plant extract is then applied leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. Each treatment includes a take home detox tea blend.  A 90 minute treatment specially priced at only $68.00 for smiling faces!


Massage and Body Care Service Pricing

30 minutes $28.00         60 minutes $55.00          90 minutes $80.00


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