15% off for smiles!

A smile goes a long way……

Did you know that you can save 15% off of services just for smiling? Nothing warms the studio more than a friendly smile. So show your smile next time you visit and save 15% off of your service(s)!

2 Responses to 15% off for smiles!

  • Bev Newton says:

    I have been hearing only wonderful things about your spa ! Will call soon for appointment – need massage and mani/pedi and a facial and … just about everything you offer!! Be in touch soon!

  • Carolyn Zimmerman says:

    I had been having physical therapy on my back and neck at home (Granby, MA) 3x a week for 4 wks. before I came up to my friends in Moultonborough. She mad 3 appts. for me with Sue so I wouldn’t fall behind in my therapy as progress was slow.
    Sue has been MY magic and I’ve only had 2 visits so far. These HUGE knots in my back are gone. She worked so long and hard but always with caring and compassion and accomplished what others couldn’t. I’ve been able to take deep breaths for the first time in probably more than 6 mos. My neck muscles are much better but I know they will never be perfect due to spontaneous fusing that is happening throughout my spine. Sue has offer me a level of relief I really didn’t think was going to be possible. Thank you so very much for the help, relief, gentleness, friendship and compassion you showed me. The most wonderful thing of all was that I could tell you the things that my body was going through and you realized that I was telling you for information. Not to make you feel sorry for me. Thank you for the beautiful person you are. Someone is sitting on your shoulder (spirit, faerie, angel,) or in your heart and you’re doing a wonderful job of listening and hearing and feeling!

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